This seminar is hold in the villa “Le Reve”, Vence, Southern France, in which already Henri Matisse had lived there.

The seminar will run from 26th September to 3rd October and from 3rd October to 10th October 2015.

“Le bonheur de vivre” does mean this sort of joy of life, which we will meet together with the colours of the painter Henri Matisse. We will try to make vibrant emotional nude paintings according to the original principle of “Eros”. The nude painting is even today full of an explosive effect and actuality; she always has a big attraction and we should manage it, to show the human body in a new sense and emotion. We use following materials: chark coal, water colour and acrylic.

The technique of the  nude painting of Henri Matisse will be inspiring for us, and the improvising music will help us to deepen these influences. The involvement of the music will allow us, to look beneath of the visuality and shows us a new presentation of the human body. Our aim is to come to an innert spirit scenery and lead us to paintings, which are lying under the skin.

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