In January 2015 we climbed to the top of the mountain Kilimandjaro in Tansania, Africa. This was one of our “dreams of life” and this helped us also to support a social project. This project had the aim to finance a further classroom for the primary school in Momella, Tansania, which is run by the organisation “Africa Amini Alama” (AAA).

The costs of € 5.000,- have been brought up by collecting money from supporters of our climbing (€ 1,- per meter to the top of the “kili”) as well as by selling paintings, which we made after the trip to Tansania. We have got so many impressions by our journey to the land of the “massai” which we tried to put them into paintings even with original earth in form of pigments from Africa.

Our exhibition in the theatre “Shakespeare” in Salzburg was an ideal spot for the presentation of our paintings and also for the donation to Christine Wallner, founderin of the organisation AAA.

A big “thank you” for all of you, who helped us to raise this money for our social project.

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